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What does online learning look like?

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Our method of delivering programs has changed.

Our commitment to teaching & learning has not.

You might wonder: is online learning as good as being on campus?

The short answer is yes, but it’s different. It can be a rich learning experience that in many cases can be more interesting, more engaging, more exciting, and is a multi-channel approach that is student centred. Are there unknowns within this new frontier of online learning? Absolutely, but we’re all learning our way through it, and as always we’re in this together. At UWindsor you have the tools to belong, to do, to create, to have an impact on your world, and we’re here to help you along the way. We’re a resilient community that’s committed to your future and to making your learning experience a great one, no matter what the delivery method is.

What is online learning Student Support
If you're a future or current UWindsor student preparing to attend online classes you might find this document to be helpful. It was created by students, for students.
Patti Weir

At the University of Windsor, we have been teaching online for a long time. Nearly one-third of our students currently take at least one course online. Many of our professors already embed virtual components in their courses in addition to face-to-face interactions in a physical classroom. And many of those same professors are award-winning teachers and instructional designers – experts in innovative educational technologies. Online learning is nothing new at the University of Windsor; it’s just that for the next semester we are taking what we already do so well and ramping it up for all students, investing significantly in new discipline-specific software, virtual access to high-end on-campus computing, enhancement to server infrastructure, video management, and solutions for examination delivery.

Our commitment is to provide a great learning environment for every University of Windsor student. I am enormously proud of what our entire campus community is doing to prepare for the future, and I am confident that our students will have an engaged, dynamic UWindsor experience.

Patti Weir
Acting Provost and Vice-President Academic,
University of Windsor

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What online learning
@ UWindsor is & is not…

Online Learning Is

  • Flexible, personal & connected
    In an online setting the student and teacher become co-creators of the learning experience. Students are empowered to become active learners.
  • A student centred, fully engaged experience
    More meaningful discussions, emphasis on writing skills, digital literacy, and life skills like time management, independence, and self-discipline
  • Good teaching in a different environment
    Students will still have the same access to their professor, mentors and advisors but in an online format, and will engage with each other using whichever channels fit best.
  • A means to a better life
    It’s no secret that people who have pursued higher education in the long run find more meaningful and fulfilling careers, and earn more.

Online Learning Is Not

  • Is not correspondence learning
    Online courses actually provide a high degree of personal contact and offer more opportunities for reflection, in-depth discussion, and interaction.
  • Is not us just pushing content at you
    It’s more than just lectures, readings and submitting assignments. The teacher and students can talk directly and in group settings, contributing as much as they want.
  • Is not easier than in person course work
    Course content is usually the same as in-person. It may be more demanding because you have to stay motivated to keep on top of your course work independently.
  • Is not a cheap alternative for in-person learning
    Delivery of high quality online learning is no easy task, it requires a great deal of care and preparation from our institution, the professor and the student.

A list of frequently asked questions about Online Learning at UWindsor can be found below. You can also reach out to us through ask.UWindsor if you have a question.

Online Learning FAQs
Student acquiring new skills for the modern work place

Online Learning Benefits

Online learning is a solid learning solution that can foster career ready digital literacy skills

One benefit of online learning is that it’s a reflection of the new normal in the modern work place. People in the modern work place working, learning and collaborating virtually and online learning fosters the ambient digital literacy skills needed to thrive within our new work environment.

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