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English Language Improvement Program (ELIP)

Improve Skills for Study, Work, and Life

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UWindsor's English Language Pathway

English courses in Canada Accredited by Languages Canada / Langues Canada

Start with the ELIP pathway to meet UWindsor's English language proficiency requirements for undergraduate and graduate study.

  • ELIP level 3 completion (75%) meets English language requirements
  • 3 program start options: Fall, Winter, Summer
  • Four levels of intensive academic English
  • Each ELIP level is 20 hrs/week for 12 weeks
  • ELIP level start is based on demonstrated proficiency
  • In-person and online learning options
  • On-campus work eligibility
  • Access to UWindsor Campus Facilities
  • Engage in extracurricular and intercultural communication
  • Build wellness know-how
  • Lessons in data literacy, analysis and management (ELIP 3 only)

Note: You must obtain a study permit for both academic and ELIP programs. Please visit the Government of Canada website for details.

Register Now About ELIP

Key Features

Student and teacher working on a project together

Academic English

  • Communicate skilfully
  • Analyse information
  • Evaluate issues
  • Write persuasively
Students talking outside

Sample Topics

  • Education
  • Business
  • International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Urban Planning
  • Environmental Studies
  • Health Sciences
Student group working

Academic Skills

  • Navigate research portals/ online platforms
  • Facilitate group interactions
  • Lead conversations
  • Offer constructive feedback
  • Integrate into academics
Student working on course work

Work Prep

  • Eligible to work on campus
  • Student recognition opportunities to build portfolio
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Manage tasks
Students socializing

Wellness Support

  • Social/interpersonal development
  • Intercultural communication
  • Mental and emotional health

About ELIP

Frequently Asked Questions

ELIP focuses on developing English language and academic skills to meet the University of Windsor English proficiency requirements.

Upon completing ELIP level 3, you will have developed English language skills to:

  • Understand and analyze a variety of texts
  • Evaluate significant issues to persuasively write on academic topics
  • Understand extended spoken information and critically evaluate points to use in argumentation
  • Convey precise meaning in oral and written communication
  • Strategically use a range of academic skills

ELIP is offered throughout an academic year. There are 3 intakes: Winter (January – April), Intersession (May – August) and Fall (September – December).

Each ELIP term is 12 weeks. In-class instruction is 4 hours per day; totalling, 20 hours per week.

The length of time to complete ELIP depends on the ELIP level at which you start.

If you have an overall IELTS and writing band score of - 5.0 5.0 5.5 6.0 + Begin your academic program
You will begin in level Pre-Academic English → ELIP 1 → ELIP 2 → ELIP 3 →
# of Elip terms you will need to complete before academic start Five / Four Three Two One

Both options are available to all students in and outside of Canada. ELIP online is a good option if students are unable to travel to Canada for the registered term. Students residing in Canada can choose between ELIP online and in-class options.

You will receive an ELIP acceptance letter by completing the online application form and paying the $150 registration fee. Once your application is received, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have already applied to your academic program, it will typically take 2-3 business days to receive your ELIP acceptance letter.

Yes. ELIP meets the English requirement for admission to your undergraduate or graduate academic program at the University of Windsor. When you successfully complete ELIP level 3, you will have met the English requirement.

You must apply for your academic program and meet all other admission requirements to gain admission. When you successfully complete ELIP level 3, you will have met the English requirement for your academic program.

Enrolling in ELIP alone does not guarantee that you will be admitted to an academic program.

Most students apply for their academic program first. If you have questions about conditional offers, please visit ask.UWindsor to request information regarding the academic program you are interested in.

If your ELIP program is going to take longer than 6 months to complete, you are required to have a valid Study Permit while in Canada.

We may be able to determine your ELIP level based on a valid English language test score, such as a CAEL, IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL test. However, you may be required to write our placement test at the beginning of the term to determine your ELIP level.

The ELIP placement test takes precedence over any other test score.

Test scores attained 12 months prior to the date of application is considered valid. If the submitted test score has passed the 12-month limit, you will be required to take an online placement test.

No. There are different levels in ELIP. After applying, you will be placed in a level that is appropriate for your English language profile. Your ELIP level will be confirmed after your application is processed.



In-Person Registration Fee Program Fee Health Insurance
ELIP 12 Week $150 $4,920 $250
ELIP Fast Track $150 $5,400 $150

Online (starting Fall 2024)

Online Registration Fee Program Fee Health Insurance
ELIP 12 Week $150 $4,400 n/a
ELIP Fast Track $150 $4,880 n/a

ELIP fees per term include:

  • Registration fee - $150.00
  • Program tuition fee - $4,920.00
  • *Health insurance fee - $250.00

Total - $5,320.00

*Health Insurance fee is applicable to international students studying within Canada.

Please review your ELIP Invoice for the due date of fees.

  1. Pay by credit card by logging into your online application.
  2. Make a payment to your student account using the CIBC International Student Pay. You will need your 9-digit Student ID. After making a payment, please notify studyenglish@uwindsor.ca.
  3. Pay in person at either CELD campus by credit card, debit card, or bank draft made payable to the University of Windsor.

Yes. The funds in your student account can be used to pay ELIP fees. Please notify studyenglish@uwindsor.ca that you would like to do so.

Yes. ELIP fees are separate from academic fees.

Currently, ELIP is not covered by scholarships offered at UWindsor. Students are free to explore external scholarship opportunities.

ELIP 3 is a condensed, 8-week program of the ELIP 3 level. It is more fast-paced and intense than ELIP 3.

ELIP 3 Fast Track is offered in every Summer (July – August) and Fall (October – December) terms.

ELIP fees per term include:

  • Registration fee - $150.00
  • Program tuition fee - $5,000.00
  • *Health insurance fee - $150.00

Total - $5,300.00

*Health Insurance fee is applicable to international students studying within Canada.

Please contact studyenglish@uwindsor.ca to confirm your eligibility before applying for this program.

ELIP is offered on Brightspace.

Once ELIP fees have been paid, you will receive instructions for activating the necessary accounts that will allow you access to Brightspace.

The University of Windsor offers the VPN called Global Protect and it is available to students. The link below will guide you to installing the tool. Using this will allow your computer to act as though it is physically on campus. We recommend all ELIP students do this.


You do not need a Study Permit to take ELIP online class from outside of Canada.

A valid Study Permit is required for international students taking ELIP online class in Canada.

To prepare your trip to Canada, please visit International Arrivals New & Returning

International Student Centre is offering the Soft Landing Program to help incoming International Students prepare for their move to Canada, get settled in Windsor and begin their new life at the University of Windsor. For more information and details please visit:


Yes, you need a valid Study Permit to take ELIP online class in Canada.

  • Comfort of learning from home
  • Improving virtual communication and collaboration
  • Reduced costs for travel and accommodation
  • Developing technical and time management skill
  • Save on commuting time
  • No, you are not required but encouraged to join in-class learning. It's a great opportunity to learn face-to-face with instructors and peers.

  • Face-to-face communication with instructors and peers
  • Distraction-free learning environment and a sense of routine
  • In-person access to services and facilities on campus
  • Exploring the campus community and local culture
  • English-speaking environment beyond classroom
  • ELIP students are only eligible to work on campus.

    You may work on the UWindsor campus without a work permit if:

  • Face-to-face communication with instructors and peers
  • Distraction-free learning environment and a sense of routine
  • In-person access to services and facilities on campus
  • Exploring the campus community and local culture
  • English-speaking environment beyond classroom
  • The maximum number of hours a student can work on campus is set by the University and is up to 24 hours per week.

    Once your ELIP program is complete and you are enrolled into your academic program you may be eligible to work off campus, should you meet these requirements.

    For questions related to working please contact an International Student Advisor at intladvisors@uwindsor.ca

    What ELIP Students are saying

    Syed Ali Nasir Zaidi

    ELIP was a smart decision as it helped me gain both the required knowledge and skill set for my research work, which I had been looking for a long time.

    Syed Ali Nasir Zaidi

    Syed has completed his Master of Education (curriculum studies). His dream is to be a part of any Canadian policy-making institution.

    Yue Gou

    ELIP helped me lay the foundation of foreign language communication and present as the first beacon which lights up the road ahead of my academic career.

    Yue Gou

    Yue attained a Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology and is a student of the Master of Science program.

    Jin Liang

    ELIP provides me with a wealth of opportunities to communicate with students from different countries. In addition, ELIP greatly eliminates my fear about the unknown future study and life in Windsor.

    Jin Liang

    Jin is a student of the Master of Engineering program.

    Mission, Vision and Values


    • Facilitate UWindsor English for academic pathway learners’ ability to fulfil their potential in study, work, and life


    • Prioritize the highest standards of teaching in equipping learners with essential English language skills, professional aptitudes, and wellness knowledge to thrive in a transitioning world


    • Excellence: Proven learning outcomes to advance skill development
    • Diversity: Representation of diverse voices in all aspects of program delivery
    • Integrity: Equitable practices to promote outstanding learner experiences