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UWindsor's pathway
program for english
language proficiency

If you have an admission offer with a language condition, the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) is a pathway to meet UWindsor’s English language proficiency requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • This Pathway Program + conditional admission to an academic program is a great study plan
  • There are five (5) levels, each level is 12 weeks; intensive, full-time programs
  • Classes are offered each semester, and all year
  • Programs are available to graduate and undergraduate students
  • Successful completion of ELIP 3 meets University of Windsor English proficiency requirements for undergraduate and graduate admissions
  • Web-enhanced learning and innovative use of technology used in class instruction
  • Facilities include modern classrooms with technology, computer lab, and student lounge
  • Social activities, student support, access to campus facilities and resources included

Note: You must obtain a study permit for both academic and ELIP programs. Please visit the Government of Canada website for details.

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The PIEoneer Awards 2020 - Student support award finalist
Syed Ali Nasir Zaidi

ELIP was a smart decision as it helped me gain both the required knowledge and skill set for my research work, which I had been looking for for a long time.

Syed Ali Nasir Zaidi

Seyed is currently completing his Master of Education (curriculum studies). His dream is to be a part of any Canadian policy-making institution.

Yuanyin Lin

My English improved after the ELIP sessions, and I learned more about Canadian culture. Besides, it was a great chance to make friends with others who are from different countries and have various backgrounds.

Yuanyin Lin

Yuanyin is a student from China and successfully completed ELIP 3 in Intersession 2016. She graduated from the University of Windsor in Winter 2017 with a graduate degree in Master of Education - Education Administration.

Jia Xu (Christy)

My listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills improved.

Jia Xu (Christy)

Jia is studying in post-graduate accounting at the University of Windsor. She successfully completed ELIP 3 in Winter 2016.

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Key outcomes for ELIP Students

Students socializing at lancer game

Social Activities

The English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) includes social activities with the aim to provide you with an opportunity to develop friendships, practice English communication skills, and visit Windsor and surrounding areas.

Students meeting in the Windsor Hall building

Enabling Academic Skills

Demonstrate fluent and accurate language, and strategic use of enabling academic skills.

Students studying a book together


Communicate on a range of academic and professional topics, skillfully evaluating and expanding on other' ideas and conveying precise meaning.

Students looking at a laptop


Understand extended spoken information on diverse academic topics, and can critically evaluate points to use argumentation.

Student working outside


Evaluate significant issues to persuasively write on a variety of professional and academic topics.

Student working in classroom


Analyze a variety of texts on a range of academic topics.

Frequently Asked Questions about ELIP

ELIP focuses on developing English language and academic skills to meet the University of Windsor English proficiency requirements.

Upon completing ELIP level 3, you will have developed English language skills to:

  • Understand and analyze a variety of texts
  • Evaluate significant issues to persuasively write on academic topics
  • Understand extended spoken information and critically evaluate points to use in argumentation
  • Convey precise meaning in oral and written communication
  • Strategically use a range of academic skills

ELIP is offered throughout an academic year. There are 3 intakes: Winter (January – April), Intersession (May – August) and Fall (September – December).

Each ELIP term is 12 weeks. In-class instruction is 4 hours per day; totalling, 20 hours per week.

The length of time to complete ELIP depends on the ELIP level at which you start.

If you have an overall IELTS and writing band score of - 5.0 5.0 5.5 6.0 + Begin your academic program
You will begin in level Pre-Academic English → ELIP 1 → ELIP 2 → ELIP 3 →
# of Elip terms you will need to complete before academic start Five / Four Three Two One

You will receive an ELIP acceptance letter by completing the online application form and paying the $150 registration fee. Once your application is received, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have already applied to your academic program, it will typically take 2-3 business days to receive your ELIP acceptance letter.

Yes. ELIP meets the English requirement for admission to your undergraduate or graduate academic program at the University of Windsor. When you successfully complete ELIP level 3, you will have met the English requirement.

You must apply for your academic program and meet all other admission requirements to gain admission. When you successfully complete ELIP level 3, you will have met the English requirement for your academic program.

Enrolling in ELIP alone does not guarantee that you will be admitted to an academic program.

Most students apply for their academic program first. If you have questions about conditional offers, please visit ask.UWindsor to request information regarding the academic program you are interested in.

We may be able to determine your ELIP level based on a valid English language test score, such as a CAEL, IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL test. However, you may be required to write our placement test at the beginning of the term to determine your ELIP level.

The ELIP placement test takes precedence over any other test score.

Test scores attained 12 months prior to the date of application is considered valid. If the submitted test score has passed the 12-month limit, you will be scheduled for an ELIP placement test.

The ELIP placement test takes precedence over any other test score.

No. There are different levels in ELIP. After applying, you will be placed in a level that is appropriate for your English language profile. Your ELIP level will be confirmed after your application is processed.

For one ELIP term, fees include a $150 registration fee, $4450 program tuition fee, and $250 health insurance fee. Please see ELIP Fees for details.

Please review your ELIP Invoice for the due date of fees.

ELIP fees are typically due on the date of the welcome orientation at the beginning of the semester. Please see the ELIP important dates.

  1. Pay by credit card by logging into your online application.
  2. Make a payment to your student account using the CIBC International Student Pay. You will need your 9-digit Student ID. After making a payment, please notify
  3. Pay in person at either CELD campus by credit card, debit card, or bank draft made payable to the University of Windsor.

Yes. The funds in your student account can be used to pay ELIP fees. Please notify that you would like to do so.

Yes. ELIP fees are separate from academic fees.

What ELIP Students are saying

  • Reading

    ELIP 3 helped me develop the skills to critically analyze information to make conclusions

    93% (agreed/strongly agreed)

  • Writing

    ELIP 3 helped me develop the skills to use a large range of complex vocabulary

    96% (agreed/strongly agreed)

  • Listening

    ELIP 3 helped me develop the skills to understand lectures and discussions

    100% (agreed/strongly agreed)

  • Speaking

    ELIP 3 helped me develop the skills to manage discussions

    100% (agreed/strongly agreed)

  • Academic Skills

    ELIP 3 helped me develop the skills to understand APA citation requirements

    95% (agreed/ strongly agreed)

  • Learning environment

    My ELIP class has challenged me to learn more than I expected

    100% (agreed/ strongly agreed)

  • Social Activities

    The Social Activities provided me with opportunities to make new friends

    78% (agreed/ strongly agreed)