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Program Highlights & Admission Requirements

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Explore how gender, race and sexualities shape your daily life and the relationships you foster. You’ll learn from world-renowned leaders in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion, and sexual assault resistance education. Women's and Gender Studies provides students with a lens to explore how power works through various intersecting systems of oppression such as ability, class, gender, nation, race, sexuality and spirituality work to organize our society. The program questions traditional academic notions of what counts as knowledge and encourages students to apply concepts and theories to their own lives and to be change agents in the world. We teach students to see the connections between local, global and transnational sociopolitical forces in shaping lived embodied experiences of gender and sexuality. The program is geared towards community capacity building to empower students to find their own meanings and develop their engagement in their sociopolitical environment. 

Sample Courses: Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice; Queer Activism; Work and Equality; Women’s Movements in North America; Practical Strategies for Social Change

Career Tracks: Human rights advocate, women’s counsellor, gender and sexuality educator, women’s substance abuse support worker, community development coordinator

Admission requirements for Applicants in Canada

Course Requirements: English/ENG4U
Minimum Average: 70%
Mean Average: 81%

* Average over six Grade 12 academic courses.

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Set yourself apart with a degree from one of the only combined BSW programs in Social Work and Women’s Studies in North America. We offer unique opportunities for hands-on learning, bringing your knowledge of equity, diversity, and inclusion into focus. We’ve got clubs, exchange opportunities and practical experience available in the community.

Sample Courses: Meeting Human Needs through Social Welfare; Social Work and Violence; Feminist Social Work; Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice; Frameworks of Feminist Research; Women’s Movements in North America

Career Tracks: Victim advocate, human rights advocate, crisis counsellor, women’s shelter service worker, child and youth protection worker, social worker

Admission requirements for Applicants in Canada

Course Requirements: English/ENG4U
Minimum Average: 70%
Mean Average: 80%

* Average over six Grade 12 academic courses.

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How do you achieve gender equality in the workplace? How do you tackle pay disparities? You will learn from world-renowned leaders in women’s and gender studies along with leading business experts to find solutions.

Sample Courses: Introduction to Business, Operations Management, Principles of Marketing, History of Women’s Movements in North America, Frameworks for Feminist Research, Women in Canadian Society

Specialization Options: Accounting, Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management, Finance,Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Career Tracks: Human resources manager, business strategist, employee engagement manager, policy analyst, market analyst

Professional Designation Possible: CPA (Accounting), CFA (Finance), CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional)

Admission requirements for Applicants in Canada

Course Requirements: One of Advanced Functions/MHF4U, Calculus & Vectors/MCV4U, Math of Data Management/MDM4U. English/ENG4U.
Minimum Average: 73% (70% in at least one grade 12 U math course (or equivalent))
Note: Offering of the program is subject to Senate approval

* Average over six Grade 12 academic courses.

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If high achievement and diverse academic pursuits are in your DNA, this elite program is for you. It’s for students who want to develop knowledge and skills in the sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences. Blend your interests – drama with biomedical sciences or biochemistry with music. You can tailor your program to match your interests and career aspirations. Our students can pursue diverse career opportunities or go on to do research or graduate degrees in their field. This program is small by design to give your talents the attention they deserve.

Sample Courses: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts and Science; Modes and Methods of Inquiry; Inquiry and Communication; Science, Ethics and Social Policy

Specialization Options: Students choose a major or double major and a minor (in FAHSS or Science). Available major and minor concentrations: Anthrozoology; Biological Sciences; Biomedical Science; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Communication, Media and Film; Computer Science; Dramatic Art; Economics; English Language, Literature and Creative Writing; History; Languages, Literatures and Civilizations; Mathematics and Statistics; Music and Visual Arts; Philosophy; Physics; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology; Women’s and Gender Studies

Career Tracks: Professional school (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy), law, graduate studies, medical director

Admission requirements for Applicants in Canada

Course Requirements: Advanced Functions/MHF4U and two of Biology/SBI4U, Physics/SPH4U, or Chemistry/SCH4U. English/ENG4U.
Strongly Recommended: Calculus & Vectors/MCV4U
Minimum Average: 80%
Mean Average: 85%

* Average over six Grade 12 academic courses.

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  • Co-op Co-op Available
  • G General 3-year program
  • H Honours 4-year program
  • T Thesis Available
  • C Combined Honours programs available
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Katie Baltzer

"Women’s and Gender Studies prepared me for work as a social worker because I learned how to critically analyze situations through an intersectional approach and this helps me relate better to people."

Katie Baltzer
BSW in Social Work and Women’s Studies

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What Will I Learn?

  • Explore the role of gender and other aspects of human diversity in shaping society, culture, and the lived experience of individuals
  • Examine barriers to equality and construct strategies for the promotion of social justice for all Canadians
  • Identify the ways in which one’s own values, experiences, and beliefs shape interactions with others in personal and professional contexts

  • Develop strategies that promote collaboration and consensus building across diversity
  • Communicate complex ideas in a manner accessible to a broad range of audiences


Employment Rate of Graduates*

*Two Years after Graduation (OUGS Social Sciences, 2020)

Explore your opportunities

  • Anti-violence educator
  • Child and youth worker
  • Community organizer
  • Crisis counsellor
  • Health educator
  • Human resources
  • Human rights advocate
  • Immigration services
  • Journalist
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Legal advocate
  • Librarian
  • Midwife/doula
  • Performing and creative arts
  • Policy analyst
  • Professor
  • Project manager
  • Public relations
  • Probation/Parole officer
  • Research co-ordinator
  • Settlement worker
  • Sexuality educator
  • Social worker
  • Teacher
  • Therapist
  • Union organizer
  • Victim advocate
  • Women’s shelter manager

High-Impact Practices (HIP)

A HIP is an enriching educational experience that can be life-changing and often includes learning outside of the classroom while encouraging meaningful interaction and collaboration.

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