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Awards, Bursaries
& Financial Aid

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Guaranteed Financial Support

No matter what program you choose, you will be guaranteed a minimum level of institutional financial support in the form of scholarships and/or bursaries if you are entering directly from full-time secondary school studies, based on your application for admission and best six final and interim Grade 12 U/M level courses (or equivalent) available in May.

Tuition by Program

Entrance Scholarships by Application
Program Tuition*
Arts, Humanities, Social Science $6,915
Arts, Humanities, Social Science $6,915
Aeronautics $26,305
Business $9,979
Computer Science $10,160
Education $7,223 - $8,000**
Economics $7,092
Engineering $10,703
Human Kinetics $7,147
Science $7,092
Nursing $7,112
Social Work $7,097
Visual Arts and the Built Environment $7,915

Co-op Fees per Semester: The co-op fee is amortized over eight semesters and typically begins during the semester that you start preparing for your first co-op work term. $446 per semester based on 2019-20, and subject to change.

Textbooks & Supplies: $1,500 - $2,500* (vary by program)

Residence: $6,185 - $8,164*

Meal Plans: $2,400 - $2,750*

* Estimates based on 2019-20 and are for two terms. Subject to change.

** Fees vary based on the program (Concurrent, Consecutive, Technological Studies)

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Entrance Scholarships
by Application

Our entrance awards recognize a combination of academic excellence, financial need, and good citizenship. Most awards are open to Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents/Protected Persons. Complete your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile (available mid-February) by April 15 to be considered. Submissions received prior to April 15 may receive early consideration. It’s possible the values associated with our application-based scholarships and bursaries will afford a student financial support that exceeds the minimum guaranteed level of financial support in Year 1.


President's level support

President’s Renewable
Entrance Scholarship

95% to 100% grade range
renewable over 4 years

Dean's level support

Dean’s Renewable
Entrance Scholarship

90% to < 95% grade range
renewable over 4 years

Blue and Gold level support

Blue & Gold
Entrance Scholarship

$1,000 first year only
85% to < 90% grade range
for first year only

Entrance Scholarships by Application
Scholarships & Bursaries Entering Average Required Renewable Over 4 Years Value Per year
$32,000 Ed Lumley Bursary (For Windsor/Essex County Students Only) 70% Yes $8000
$22,000 Ron W. Ianni Entrance Scholarship 95% Yes $5500
$20,000 Chancellor Jackman Entrance Scholarship 90% Yes $5000
$20,000 Windsor Green Engineering Scholarship 80% Yes $5000
$16,000 President’s Renewable Entrance Scholarship 95 - 100% Yes $4000
$10,000 Dean’s Renewable Entrance Scholarship 90 - 94.99% Yes $2500
$10,000 Bill Eansor Award 80% Yes $2500
$5,000 Eleanor Catherine Wallace Memorial Scholarship 80% No  
$5,000 Odette Family Entrance Business Scholarship 80% No  
$1,000 Blue and Gold Entrance Scholarship 85 - 89.99% No  


Scholars Programs

Approximately 100 high-achieving first-year students are offered status as Outstanding Scholar Candidates. In first year, candidates receive $750 per semester in addition to their entrance awards. Candidates meet regularly with program advisors for mentoring. Outstanding Scholars are paid to do research in Years 2-4. Students in all honours majors are eligible.

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Athletic Scholarships

Athletes coming directly from secondary school with an 80%+ average may receive up to $4,500 in athletic scholarships in addition to their entrance scholarships.

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Lancer Gold

Lancer Gold

Athletic Financial Award
$4000 - $4500

Lancer Blue

Lancer Blue

Athletic Financial Award
$2500 - $3500

Lancer Shield

Lancer Shield

Athletic Financial Award
$1000 - $2000

Other Scholarships
for 2020/2021

  • Wawiiahtanan Ziibii Scholarships
  • International Baccalaureate Advanced Placement Scholarship
  • Skills Competition Scholarships
  • Specialist High Skills Major Scholarship


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Government Sponsored Student Loans & Grants

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a financial aid program that can make it easier for students and families to go to university.The program offers support for school through two kinds of funding:

  • Grants: money you don’t have to pay back (conditions apply)
  • A student loan: money you need to repay after graduation

Funding is available for both full- and part-time postsecondary students, and is based on a number of factors, including your family income. Some students may get their tuition fully covered by OSAP.

For the loan portion, there are also programs to help you repay your student loan once you’re done school.

Both the Ontario and Canadian governments provide this money.


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