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Student Ambassadors
Lucas Mazza

Lucas Mazza

Program: Human Kinetics with a Minor in English

Hometown: London, ON

The Human Kinetics program at the University of Windsor is tailored to my passion to study the movements of the human body. Considering all the opportunities Windsor has to offer according to my future goals, it was an easy decision for me. My motivation to excel in Human Kinetics came from the positive attitudes shared by my professors and peers. Every one of my professors dedicated time out of their days to help us with classwork or be a friend to talk to. I know I will have professors all throughout my Movement Science program, that are understanding and are determined to help their students succeed.

Living in Alumni residence during my first year and meeting so many incredible people. I was able to grow as an individual and come out of my shell. Being part of events and groups at the school such as Welcome Week, Bystander Initiative, and UWorkItOut, gave me the opportunity to meet so many different people. Recently, another memorable moment is being a KinOne Leader with the Faculty of Human Kinetics and dedicating time to help first year students transition into university life.

My plan is to apply to teacher's college after graduation. I would like to teach Kinesiology, Gym, Exercise Sciences, English, and Creative Writing at a high school level and hopefully make a difference in my students lives. The connections I have made at UWindsor have and will continue to inspire me to be the best teacher that I can be.

I have such an enthusiasm to help and educate others. I want to be that person that eases the anxiety of prospective students and their parents in the decision-making process of choosing a university. I was recently in the same situation and hearing the opinions of previous Student Recruitment Ambassadors positively influenced my decision. Their encouragement and understanding made me confident in my ability to do the same for incoming students.

Jessica Michelin

Jessica Michelin

Program: Honours Psychology for Ontario Child and Youth Care Graduates

Hometown: Brampton, ON

The University of Windsor is a smaller campus, which allows the opportunity to build meaningful one-on-one connections with your professors. UWindsor also offered a great program that allowed me to have advanced standing into my third year of Honours Psychology through the Ontario Child and Youth Care (OCYC) graduates program. I knew that there were going to be many opportunities for me academically and professionally here.

My short-term goals for the future would be to continue my studies at the University of Windsor by completing my Masters of Social Work. From here, I plan to use my Honours Bachelor of Art in Psychology, Masters of Social Work and other credentials to gain some experience in a hospital setting. My long-term goal would be to open my own practice for children who have been involved with domestic violence and/or child abuse.

Stay on top of your academics! However, do not forget about taking care of yourself and making the best out of your university experience. There are so many clubs, events, teams, and societies to get involved with. Most importantly, remember that it is okay to need help; the University of Windsor has many free resources to help students with both their mental health and academics.



Program: Forensic Science with Molecular Biology Biochemistry Specialization

Hometown: Thorold, ON

Attending the University of Windsor was an easy choice for me! At the time of my high school graduation, UWindsor was the only school in Ontario that had a Forensic Science Program and a Basketball team. I had known throughout high school, I wanted to pursue a degree in Forensics, and that there were not many schools in Ontario that offered the program. I met the program chair of Forensic Sciences, Dr. Shashi K. Jasra, at the Ontario University Fair in 2017 and was very impressed by the courses offered and the technology the program had.

I have played competitive basketball all my life, and it was a goal of mine to one day play at University. At UWindsor, Coach Chantal Vallee has had great success with the basketball program and I knew that being a part of her team would challenge me on and off the court.

My most memorable moment at UWindsor has been my time spent with the basketball team. I have met some amazing people and created lifelong friendships. My team pushes me to be a better player and person every day and I am very thankful for it.

I am not 100% sure of my plans after I complete my undergrad. There are a lot of different directions I can take with the versatility of my program. I am currently thinking about going to grad school!

The best thing to do is to get involved at the University. There are so many clubs, groups, teams and events to be a part - there is something for everyone! Going outside of your comfort zone and meeting new people will only enhance your University experience!

Maddie Laurendeau

Maddie Laurendeau

Program: Honours International Relations with a Minor in Environmental Science

Hometown: Windsor, ON

I chose the International Relations program at the University of Windsor because of the skills and experiences I knew I would gain. This program, with its numerous opportunities, has provided me with a strong academic foundation for potential future careers. Windsor being a border city was also ideal due to the nature of my studies. For my minor, Environmental Science is something I am passionate about and fits admirably with the major as I can be an advocate for environmental affairs. Windsor's Memorial Hall is home to GLIER and is an ideal place to pursue environmental studies.

After graduating from the University of Windsor, I plan to pursue a Master in Business Administration while researching future career paths. My final goal is to become a professor.

Research all programs extensively before choosing one. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and trapped once you pick a program. Look into possible career opportunities for your field of study and consider shadowing an individual who works currently in that discipline. Attending Fall and Spring Open House events are also great tools to help you explore all the important information that goes into making this choice.



Program: Modern Languages

I chose to study Modern Languages at the University of Windsor after attending the Spring Open House when I was in Grade 12. At the time, I was deciding between a few different options, but I knew that I wanted a program that would allow me to go on Exchange. After having the opportunity to speak with Dr. Rossini – the Department Head for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures – I knew immediately that this program would be the perfect fit for me!

My most memorable moment at UWindsor has been my time as a Student Ambassador. I have learned so much about the campus that has made my time here even better. It’s also a great feeling to know that I am making an impact on future students. But above all, the friendships that I have formed with the other Student Ambassadors will last a lifetime.

I am currently applying to Law School for next Fall. I’m not sure where this path will take me yet, but I am excited to continue my education.

Get involved on campus! There are so many opportunities to join clubs or participate in events. It’s a great way to meet new people, explore your passions, and learn about what is going on around you. And a bonus – campus involvement will look great on your resume or grad school applications!

Olivia White

Olivia White

Program: Aeronautic Leadership

Hometown: Burlington, ON

I chose the University of Windsor's Aeronautic Leadership program because of the hands-on learning and accessible Faculty members. I received my Private Pilot’s Licence in high school, so I was on a different training schedule than the other first year students. With the help and support of my Chief Flight Instructor and our fantastic program coordinator, I was able to start on my Commercial training a year early. One of the best parts of our program is that you get to fly an airplane your first week!

In the Aeronautic Leadership program, we train to receive our Commercial Pilots Licenses which allows us to get paid to fly! For part of that training, we are required to fly what we call a “long cross country” flight. We don’t actually fly across the country, this just means we take off from Windsor Airport and land at a different airport; the “long” part is because we have to fly 300 nautical miles away (that's over 550 kilometers). I flew all the way to Kingston, had a pizza delivered to the airport for lunch and flew all the way back to school. I think that’s a pretty cool assignment!

When I graduate, I’m looking forward to my first commercial aviation job. I hope to one day become a Captain at a Canadian airline, but I have to gain a lot of different flying experience before I get there. I am so excited because I will be able to fly different aircraft, and meet awesome people, not to mention the places I will get to see!

I cannot stress enough how awesome the supports available through Leddy Library are. I feel like a lot of people don’t realize what's available to them, but they are here for us as students, so make the most of it! In the first week of class, your profs will share the course syllabus with you. What I do is map out all of my deadlines and book Writing Support Desk appointments a few days before I have a paper due. It is great, a member of the Writing Support team will read over your work: if you need help with citations? They have you covered. If you want to make sure you followed the assignment guidelines? They can help you out! I have always had great experiences with the library staff and am so thankful for how much they have helped me.



Program: Law and Politics (BA Honors Political Science)

Home counties: Uganda and the Netherlands

UWindsor is the only place with a unique program where I can pursue a degree that combines both my passion for Law and interest in Political Science. I gained a great support system of friends and professors accompanied with substantial work experiences including being a Student Ambassador and working as the Initiatives Projects Assistant for the office of Vice President, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We have a beautiful campus with amazing study spots where you will write some of your best essays and study for exams that you'll ace. To top it all off, Windsor, known as the border city, defined by the landmark Ambassador Bridge has incredible places to visit. My favorite place to go is the Riverfront, just a couple of minutes from campus.

Winning the Best Judge award at a Model United Nations conference in Ottawa during my first year is by far my most memorable moment. This was not just my win, but it was also a win for UWindsor - we had one of the smallest delegations! Being a judge for the International Court of Justice gave me a robust experience in the real-life implications of interpreting the Law. From this MUN, I have been able to: network with professionals in the field, meet some of my dearest friends, and participate in more MUNs across Canada.

First and foremost, my future plans are to be happy and make people happy - it is my way of life!

My plans are to attend Law school. I aspire to be a human rights activist and help people in a legal capacity as a lawyer and ultimately as a judge.

You will find what you are looking for- if not, don't hesitate to create what you're looking for. There are so many unique courses to enroll in and fun events and clubs to take part in. Embrace all the opportunities available to you and always remember that your contribution matters.

Jaden Greig

Jaden Greig

Program: Concurrent Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Windsor, ON

That’s easy! I have always loved working with younger children and creating those connections to build strong relationships, and teaching allows me to do just that. This Concurrent program is a perfect opportunity for me to gain experience in the education field while also providing me with all the necessary skills and tools to become a successful teacher.

After I graduate, I plan on working towards a Masters degree while also entering the education system as a new primary/junior teacher!

University can be a scary journey before entering, but it is all what you make of it. The best way to fully capture your university experience is getting involved on campus and trying new things. There are so many clubs, events and organizations that can spark your interest. It is also a great way to meet and connect with new people. I have to say I have met some of the best people while being at the University of Windsor.

Massimo Chiodo

Program: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Windsor, ON

The Engineering program at UWindsor offers a a generalized first year with exposure to all the different streams of engineering, making it much less intimidating to decide what I wanted to specialize in! UWindsor Engineering students also get a chance to work with their peers and Professors on projects related to the field they go into. There are also many clubs available where you can gain hands on experience while working with other people with the same interests as yours!

Welcome Week/Frosh Week! Within Engineering, we have our own Frosh Week that runs alongside the University Welcome Week, where we have events that relate to the Engineering practice as well as get to know people within the program! This event allowed me to meet many new people within my discipline that I have become very good friends with.

I decided to be a Student Recruitment Ambassador to help give future Lancers the same or even better experiences that I have been able to be a part of at UWindsor. I want to be able to help new students feel welcome and feel as if they are a part of a family while studying and building their future!

Some things I found very important to do and suggest to any future Lancer would be to get involved on campus. Get involved through clubs, associations, study groups, sports, music, anything that you will enjoy! Having time to do things besides study can be just as important as studying itself!



Program: Computer Science

Hometown: Mexico City

I chose UWindsor because it offered everything I expected from a university as an international student. Campus diversity, active student life and undergraduate research opportunities along amazing faculty members were crucial points when making my decision. I loved the educational approach UWindsor had by offering small-sized classes and extensive academic support to ensure students achieved their maximum potential. I wanted a university that gave me a sense of belonging and UWindsor did since the moment I applied. The heartwarming staff made sure I had all the resources to make the right decision. I had endless reasons to think I was the right fit for this campus, and it was the perfect fit for me.

I have made a lot of lifetime memories since becoming part of the Lancer family. But I must say my most memorable moment was my very first day at UWindsor. I attended an event hosted by the International Student Centre, which consisted of a bus tour of Windsor since we were all new to Canada. I ended up sitting next to a girl who would later become my best friend. With totally different backgrounds, we found many similarities and shared interests! Years later, I realize how many lifelong friendships I have made through the University of Windsor.

After I graduate, I will pursue a Master's Degree to fully develop my skills as a computer scientist. My goal is to work in a field related to Cybersecurity or Artificial Intelligence.

My biggest tip for future lancers is to put yourself out there – get out of your comfort zone. As an international student moving to a different country may be a little intimidating but there are many resources to help you call Windsor your new home. With over 250 different clubs and societies you will be able to make friends and create a support network with students who share your interests.

Anumita Jain

Anumita Jain

Program: Behaviour Cognition and Neuroscience

Hometown: Windsor, ON

I chose the Behaviour Cognition and Neuroscience program because I liked the mix of biology and psychology courses as well as the built-in research experience.

There are endless options for what I can do with a Neuroscience degree. Currently, I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine with an emphasis in bioethics or policymaking. I am still figuring things out!

Go to your Professors office hours! Office hours are a great way to make a connection with your Professors who have so much knowledge and experience in their fields. I have met so many Professors at UWindsor that are very supportive of their students. Take the time to get to know your Professors, you never know what will come of it.

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