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You may register beginning on May 26th, 2022 for Fall 2022 as long as the university has received your confirmation of our offer of admission. You will need your UWin ID and password to access our student information platform, UWinsite Student, where you will be able to register for your courses.

Here are some important dates for your registration plan:

  • May 19th - Shopping Cart
  • May 26th - Registration Opens

This site lists courses available to first-year students, provides a guide to most first-year course selections and outlines options or recommendations for other courses.

Please use the online timetable for more information. The earlier you register, the better your chances are for getting the courses you want at the time you want to take them.

If you are having any problems with the registration process, you can reach out through ask.UWindsor Live Chat or the Registrar’s Office.

Heads up: Information on this site, including dates/times could change, be sure to check back often.

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Having these items handy will make picking & registering for courses smoother

Academic Calendars

The University of Windsor Academic Calendar is your source for official information about academic programs and regulations of the University of Windsor.

Undergraduate Academic Calendar
Graduate Academic Calendar

What's my program called?

With all of the program options out there and all of the excitement of starting your post secondary career, it’s easy to get confused about what your program is called. Your specific program name can be found on your UWindsor Offer of Admission letter as indicated in this diagram.

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UWindsor Offer of Admission letter

Before you start selecting courses

Accept your Offer of Admission

If you haven’t done so already you’ll need to accept your Offer of Admission. You can follow the links below to accept your offer. If you’ve already accepted your offer you can start picking and registering for courses.

How do I accept my offer

Set up your multi-factor authentication (MFA) options

UWindsor uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to verify the identity of individuals accessing our protected online resources from off-campus. You need to set up your MFA options before extending your UWin Account or signing in to UWinsite Student to plan your courses.

How to set up MFA options

Extend your UWin Account & Setup your UWindsor Email

By extending your UWin Account you will gain access to your UWindsor email, the University’s online learning system, the Leddy and Law Libraries, the full suite of Microsoft products and other important campus resources. After you've extended your UWin Account the University of Windsor will send all email communications to your UWindsor email.

Extend my UWin Account How to extend my account

UWinsite Student Homepage Activation

Wait for your Student Homepage in UWinsite Student to be activated. You’ll know UWindsor has activated it when you can select “Student Homepage” in the drop down as shown below.

UWinsite Student Homepage Activation example screenshot

UWinsite Student Shopping Cart Activation

Wait for your UWinsite Student Shopping Cart to become active. You’ll know UWindsor has activated it when you see the small chevron next to class sections when using Class Search & Enroll.

UWinsite Student Shopping Cart Activation example screenshot

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Course Selection

The information regarding programs and courses below are exclusively for first-year/first-term students starting their UWindsor Undergraduate journey in Fall 2022.

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If you’re having a hard time figuring out which courses to take or if you’re not sure if you’re on the right track reach out to us for help. Talk to an academic advisor if you have program specific questions, and for general inquiries you can ask.UWindsor.

Talk to an advisor ask.UWindsor

Course Options & Requirements

Making sure you satisfy all of your course requirements can be tricky. We’ve made it easy by outlining what courses will fulfill elective requirements in the link below.

Optional Requirements Course Descriptions

Understanding Course Codes

All courses have a unique code made up ofthe subject code and the catalogue number.

How to read course codes

Subject Code Listing


More about course codes

Undergraduate Calendar

The University of Windsor Undergraduate Calendar is your source for official information about the undergraduate academic programs and regulations of the University of Windsor.

Visit the Academic Calendar

Registration Guides

Multiple resources to help you with course registration

Watch our Step-by-Step Course Registration Videos

Watch our Step-by-Step Video

Watch a current UWindsor student guide you along.

Registration Videos
Read our Step by Step Course Registration Articles

Read our Step by Step Articles

Read through our many Knowledge Base Articles.

Registration Articles
Download our Step by Step Course Registration PDF

Download our Step by Step PDF

Download, print and read our pdf guide.

Registration PDF

Course Registration Webinars

Looking to learn more about how to register for courses?

Attend one of these sessions to learn how to choose and register for courses, get answers to your questions from Academic Advisors, and receive tips for academic success.

  • Monday, June 8 @ 2 PM EST
  • Wednesday, June 10 @ 2 PM EST
  • Friday, June 12 @ 2 PM EST
  • Monday, June 15 @ 2 PM EST
  • Wednesday, June 17 @ 2 PM EST
  • Friday, June 19 @ 2 PM EST
Attend Webinar

Reasons to Attend

  • Learn how to choose and register for courses
  • Get answers to your questions from Academic Advisors
  • Receive tips for academic success
Attend Webinar

Head Start Orientation

We offer a variety of services to ease the transition for incoming students

Head Start summer orientation program is designed for new students who are embarking on their post-secondary experience here at the University of Windsor.


Upcoming Head Start Dates

Head Start 2022 In Person Dates

Head Start 2022 Online Program Date

Head Start program includes:

  • Faculty presentations
  • Sessions for you and your parents, guardians or supporters to learn about life at UWindsor
  • A campus resources fair to ensure you haven’t missed anything
  • Learn about some of the major differences between high school and university
  • Discover ways to get involved on campus
  • Connect with academic advisors

Visit Head Start

UWindsor Prep Program

Refresher classes to prepare incoming students for success!

  • Short, non-credit prep-courses designed to refresh students’ skills and provide a taste of what classes will bring in the fall
  • Take one, a few, or all of the prep-classes to get ahead and be prepared for the beginning of your UWindsor classes
  • Each course is designed to provide a review of grade 12 curriculum and build the skills students will need in first-year classes

Sign-up for Prep Program
Teacher talking with a student