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Program Highlights & Admission Requirements

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Liberal Arts & Professional Studies G H

This broad program offers courses as varied as your interests. With lots of flexibility, it offers the ability to analyze issues, evaluate courses of action, and implement effective solutions. These skills are the stepping-stones to careers in a wide range of social service, business, or government organizations. You will choose a certificate program (Anthrozoology, Applied Information Technology, Arts Management, Law and Politics, Public Administration, Organizational Management, Second Language Education, Women’s and Gender Studies, Work and Employment Issues) and up to two or three minors, gaining transferable skills essential in the job market.

Sample Courses: Effective Writing, Business Communications, Technical Communications

Career Tracks: Administrator, analyst, journalist, consultant, public relations specialist

Admission requirements for Applicants in Canada

Course Requirements: English/ENG4U.
Minimum Average: 70%
Mean Average (Entering Fall 2019): 76%

* Average over six Grade 12 academic courses.

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  • Co-op Co-op Available
  • G General 3-year program
  • H Honours 4-year program
  • T Thesis Available
  • C Combined Honours programs available
Crystal Bryan

"The LAPS program has provided me with an exceptionally well-rounded education. I’ve developed the leadership skills to pursue my dream of flying for a commercial airline and beyond. The transferable skills that I gained allowed me to adapt to the current demands of my position."

Crystal Bryan
Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies


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What Will I Learn?

  • Couples theory with applied experience in social, political, and employment contexts
  • Analyzing personal or work-related issues, evaluate alternative courses of action, and implement effective solutions
  • Learning the stepping-stones to careers in a wide range of social service, business, or government organizations

  • Combination of Certificates and Minors, and the broad range of courses available to LAPS majors, make it more comprehensive than other degrees
  • Tailored to students with wide-ranging academic interests, but who are looking for career-related education

Explore your opportunities

  • Border Services
  • Business Advisor
  • Case Worker
  • Community Relations Worker
  • Consultant
  • Court Monitor
  • Demographer
  • Educational Assistant
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Immigration Officer
  • Journalist
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Lawyer
  • Legal Consultant
  • Mediator
  • Paralegal
  • Pilot
  • Policy Analyst
  • Police Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Public Relations
  • Research Coordinator
  • Social Worker
  • Support Worker
  • Teacher
  • Youth Worker

High-Impact Practices (HIP)

A HIP is an enriching educational experience that can be life-changing and often includes learning outside of the classroom while encouraging meaningful interaction and collaboration.

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