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With endless degree combinations you can create a learning experience like no other. Tailor your degree to your varied interests or unconventional career path, or create your own path by combining multiple areas of study with a joint degree or double major. You can keep your options open by starting out as undeclared. Whatever the case may be, your personalized academic journey starts by exploring our programs with a student recruiter or connecting with one of our academic advisors.

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This is Gemma

Her UWindsor experience has helped Gemma follow her career path — she’s currently doing her MFA, undergrad CMF, and has submitted films in festivals around the world, including Windsor International Film Festival. Now that’s choosing your own adventure!

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Did you know?

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Two is better than one!

1 in 5 students in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences takes a double or combined major… but you can do this in any faculty.

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What do you want to do?

With over 200 undergraduate programs, it’s up to you to choose your own adventure.

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Profs are here to help.

With a 29:1 student-to-faculty ratio you’ll find your profs are accessible and they really care about your success.

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Join the clubs!

We have over 150 clubs — from Students Offering Support to Engineers Without Borders — where you can meet new friends, people who share your interests and even learn something new!

Things you need to know

From cultural to hobby-oriented, there are more than 200 student clubs and societies on campus; each student has a place in our campus community. It's a great way also to meet new people and form lasting connections within the university community.

UWindsor has many opportunities to take two programs at once, so you're able to learn about what you're interested in. To name a few, you could take a double-major in Business and Computer Science or a major in Law & Politics with a minor in Women and Gender Studies.

Explore our over 200 undergraduate programs and ask us questions! We are here to help you find the program that is the perfect fit for you.

Yes, we put a heavy emphasis on experiential learning. We allow you to put your knowledge to practice at UWindsor through co-ops, internships, volunteering, research, or studying abroad.

Every student has an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom in one way or another.

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Step by step: How to Apply

Applying to a program can be a confusing process, we made this page to help you along the way. If at any point you need help feel free to reach out to us through ask.UWindsor.

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